The Last Goodbye – New Song and Video

Hello Dear Friends,

8 years ago I was in a heavy transition in my life. Lots of life changes that included moving away from LA and the start of the move to Denver, CO. Sometimes in life we hold on to things, memories, people, pain, etc…

This song “The Last Goodbye” came to me during a moment in my life where the inevitability of change was right in front of me. It was a tune that accompanied me during those times yet it was stored away in the vault.

This past year I’ve been facing a new season of transitions and found myself experiencing those same emotions of letting go and moving forward. So the song resurfaced and came with new life and colors. We’ve been working on the production for a few months now and it has been such a beautiful process to hear these emotions take shape in the form of sound.

It seems like letting go is perceived as a painful thing. Although this is true I believe it is also a beautiful and positive thing. It brings a rebirth, new experiences, new perspectives, maturity and self growth. This song is a celebration of that, to move away from the pain and instead allow the light to shine from within. To realize that maybe this is the last time we have to say Goodbye and embrace a new life.

I’m so excited to share this song with you all. Right now we are in the mixing/mastering stages and the release is scheduled on Jan 24th. We of course added collaborations to bring the song to life. Denver local Pedal Steel master Tony Ortega and Sam Lafalce on Bass.
Part of the recording was done at The Spot studios in Evergreen, CO and in LA with sound engineer and friend Alex Bajos.

As soon as the idea for a video came into the plate I had a clear image of telling the story with dance. I love merging different art disciplines, of course dance and music are meant for each other. Representing the push and pull of saying goodbye with body movement. My friend Guillermo Roqués is the film director and we had Grisha Nisnevich and Cynthia Giannini creating the dance for this piece.

The funding for the creation of the video has been fully fan funded. A very humble experience to ask for the support of our fans and friends. We have an ongoing GoFundMe campaign if you wish to contribute, only the video shoot has been done and the editing is still in the works so your contribution is still needed and greatly appreciated.

To celebrate the release we have a show at Swallow Hill: Daniels Hall on January 24th 7pm (doors)  with Co-bill Spinphony.

We will keep you updated on the release of The Last Goodbye.

Thanks for reading



  1. I love what you are doing with your life & your music, you inspire me to open my mind and heart to positive change & move forward with faith.

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