Dear Friends,

With a full heart I sit down to write these words of gratitude.

The past 2 months have given me a big gift. I feel so humble to see the amount of love and support that I’m receiving from all of you.  It has really touched my heart and I feel so lucky to have you all in my life.

It’s amazing to see the power of music and how it has given me the opportunity to be part of your lives and to connect to so many of you. The past months I felt the duty to be a warrior of light, to bring  joy, love, music and stories. Thank you for allowing me to be that, to hold the space for me to share.

I appreciate all of your donations and financial support during this uncertain times, it has really made the difference and allowed me to continue creating and given me the strength to fulfill my purpose. I will continue to provide music, inspiration and to be an example of living life with pure intention.

I honor each one of you. Thank you for being part of my Journey and allowing me to be part of yours. May we all continue shining our light into this world, may we all be our best.



  1. It’s wonderful music and a period of relaxation for me and I thank you Javi.

    I do not donate online… never, never. How else can I donate to you?

    1. Hi Roberta, I had some people donate with a check 🙂 Thanks for login in to my shows, Im glad you enjoy them

  2. Awww Javi! Eres un ejemplo de ser humano realmente admirable! Gracias a ti por existir y por ser fiel a tu esencia luchando como todo un guerrero con tus batallas personales para poder ser quiere eres hoy día. Me has inspirado a crecer, a estar más presente, a escucharme a mi misma. Sin duda eres una persona con un don muy precioso! Tu música me hace ver hacia dentro de mi misma y analizarme, y creo que eso es necesario para crecer. Después de este fin de semana pasado, tu música tomó completamente un nuevo significado para mi y la verdad es difícil ponerlo en palabras, pero lo que si se es que la llevo en mi corazón. Gracias por tu cálida luz mi querido amigo!! Me siento realmente agradecida por haberte conocido. Bendiciones infinitas! Te quiero!

    Tu Amiga la sirena 🙂


  3. Javi – Greetings! We are so Grateful for you and you music – I pray for your safety and well-being during this time – You and your music is an inspiration to so many!
    Thank You for being a light in this world and the music you share at this time! As they say Music is Healing!
    Look Forward to hearing from you soon!
    Blessings my Friend❤️

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