Mexico Tour

 We are really excited about going to México!!! We are playing for the concert series “Música bajo los árboles” (Music under the trees) on June 11th in San Miguel de Allende and “The Blues Festival of San Miguel” on June 24-26. Also in CDMX (Mexico City) we are preparing a special show at the Acoustique Voila July 2nd. The incredible Ana Pruneda will be dancing with us, Abel Carrillo on the bass and Lucas Molfino on the keyboards.  Viva México.
We will be posting news about our experiences there.
In the mean time while still in Denver I´m performing at The Living Room (Denver, May 27th) and at the Muddy Buck (Evergreen, June 3rd) and at the Holiday Bar (Morrison, June 4th)
Credit: Illustration by Rodrigo Albert

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