House Concerts

Dear Family

The roll of the artists in our community seems that it’s been a little underestimated and looked as a non essential work yet we all consume art in everything we do. We were the first ones to be hit with the pandemic and it looks like we will be the last ones to be allowed to go back to “normal”. But some people are realizing “if you can’t go to the mountain you can bring the mountain to you”. And that’s where house concerts are an awesome solution if you are looking to listen to live music and maintaining some social distancing in the comfort of your home.

I started playing privately for some fans. It is something I really enjoy as it creates a very intimate atmosphere. I’ve even been hired by neighbors in a block and they got to enjoy the concert from their porches.

I just want to throw it out there.

I’m available to perform in your backyard, for your community, or whatever we can create to enjoy this summer with live music and connecting with our loved ones. Doesn’t matter the size of the audience.



Shoot me an email ( or message me if you are interested on booking a house concert. I’m also open to travel out of state.

Music is medicine. Music is life.

With Love and Gratitude


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