Go Fund Me Campaign for Music Video

Hello Friends!!

I am finally back home in Denver after spending a few days in LA recording guitars for 2 new songs, we are so excited to share them with you. We have been performing them live and now is time to give you guys a studio version.

The first single to be released is called The Last Goodbye. It’s a song that has been in the back burner for a while and in recent times we brought it back to life. The song has lots of emotion behind and as I keep playing it the more it reflects so much of what I have been going through.

We have 8 new songs under production and the intention is to create music videos for each song. It brings a new element to something like instrumental music. So we can tell a story.

We decided to ask for help with the cost of making the videos so we created a Go Fund Me campaign where you can donate any amount that you want to contribute towards the creation of the first video (if we get more then it can go towards the 2nd).

It would mean the world to us to have your help with this. The funds will go towards paying the crew for the video, dancers, filmmaker, editor, choreographer, location, etc…

All donations will get a copy of the new music and old too. Any donation over $500 can have a private performance by me and larger amounts we can do a bigger band.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!!




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