Duo Livestream Show – Sat May 23

Hello dear friends,

I hope these words find you well. I’ve been a little disconnected from social media to regain my own perspective on things, it’s so easy to get lost in the sea of opinions and information.

Life just keeps rolling and as we adapt we find a new way of doing things and create a new habit. My biggest challenge the past couple of weeks hasn’t been the new but dealing with the old. As we transform we have to make the willingly choice to let go of old ways, old agreements, paradigms, rituals and so on. Some of them are so ingrained that even as new flowers start to sprout the weeds of the old overcast a shadow on the new.

It really takes focus and attention to pull out those weeds and clear out our soil. We can claim our power, we can be our fullest potential.

A big lesson is to have the vulnerability to accept love and support into our lives. Ultimately it’s through community that one can thrive. Quarantine has given us the opportunity to go within and support ourselves, now it’s time to show up for others and with others.

After months of not performing live together, Jordi Marin is joining me this Saturday May 23, 8pm (Mountaint Time/Denver).for a fully produced show!! HD cameras, projectors, lights, face masks 😉

This event is in collaboration with our friends/colleagues of the Armory in Denver.

The Armory is a group of entrepreneurs/artists who are manifesting their vision into the world and I’m happy to join forces to offer our gifts and love for music. This is the beginning of a beautiful cooperative.

I hope you can join us live. It’s gonna be a blast!!!

Thank you for reading



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  1. Not only You!, but your amazing talent , will always be an inspiration to me, and the world. Thank you for sharing your gift through these uncertain times.❤️

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