A week in the life of El Javi

Hello friends,

I hope this post finds you well. Seems to me like time is going so fast now, march seemed so slow but April is flying by and is kind of interesting to see myself adapting to this “new normal”.

I just wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to during this time. Personally it has given me the opportunity to get to know myself in a deeper way, I have consciously avoid choosing distractions (like tv, internet, etc..). Instead I’m allowing myself to sit with my emotions, whatever they are, boredom, anxiety, stress, depression, laziness. By doing this I have been learning ways to transform them and learn from them. So I’m grateful to have the time to do that.

I also want to share with you that for about 4 months now I have been practicing the Wim Hof method, it has gain a lot of popularity in recent times and for me it’s been a life changing experience. It consists of breath-work, cold showers and meditation. I invite you to check it out, it is a great tool during this times where there’s a lot of uncertainty and I believe taping in to our nature and our inner wisdom is the best remedy for uncertainty. It also helps boost the immune system and supports the regulation of the endocrine system.

Musically I have been busy doing projects that I had put aside in the past, with the excuse that I didn’t have time. One of the projects is creating instructional videos, I have always wanted to share my ways. I believe every individual has a unique way to everything and for me to offer my approach on the instrument it’s been very special. I have also been teaching online lessons and preparing workshops for specific subjects. If you are interested on learning the guitar don’t hesitate messaging me

The Monday night virtual concerts are still ongoing. Now I’m working on creating different experiences for each show. I’m planning to build a more interactive experience so you guys can feel more connected to the moment. This week theme is about song requests, I invited people to throw song names at me and I picked 10 of those requests. A few of them I had never play before and I’ve been working hard this week to compose the arrangements, as you know I have to create a unique composition to be able to play chords, melody and rhythm. So it’s been keeping me busy, I hope you can tune in on Monday 6pm (Mountain Time) on my FB page I will also experiment this week to have it posted on my website, I’m still learning all the tricks with this technology so bare with me.

I’ll be playing, Metallica’s Fade to Black, Malagueña Salerosa, La llorona, Heroes del Silencio -La Chispa Adecuada (Spaniard band) and also original songs from my first album that got requested.

I have also been collaborating with other musicians and creating music for some clients. The other day Jordi and I recorded a song with Malou, she is an extraordinary dancer who appears in the Recuerdo a Paco music video, we decided to jam via zoom and here is a sample of that:

Last Friday I had a radio interview for Carbondale’s KDNK sharing my quarantine experience and inspiration. Check it out here.

Stay tuned for the new single “Whispers from Eternity” release. We don’t have a release date yet but for sure it will be out in May. I feel so proud of this song, it was created very organically and it really carries a lot of honesty, passion and love.

Finally I wanted to thank all of you who had supported us by subscribing to our Youtube Channel. In order to be able to monetize the views in youtube the channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers. At the beginning of the week we had 614 and now we are at 944, so we are almost there. If you haven’t subscribe please do so here Youtube El Javi.

With Gratitude




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