A Month in Mexico – Chapter 1

What originally started as a pleasure trip, to visit family and friends, became a jammed packed month of adventures, riding the currents, from moment to moment.
It all began on a Thursday morning. 3:30 am was the meet up time to head out to the airport. I took a power nap so I didn’t interrupt an amazing sleep. The image was this: 4 big suitcases full of equipment, clothes and my daughter’s toys, guitar case, computer case and of course a happy face pillow and the infamous Sarah Boo, the build a bear companion.


Traveling went smooth. We arrived to Mexico City and hung out with family. That night we met our “prima” visiting from Denver, and I must say I love meeting friends from one place in another! I guess it corroborates that you exist in other places. There is such a beautiful detachment from your place of residence when you are traveling. It really allows you to experience the little moments more fully.

The next morning, showtime! We had to leave to San Miguel (four hour commute) to play a show that night. Jordi left in the morning while I checked in on details for the big show coming up in CDMX.
Next it was off to the airport with La Prima to pick up Sunny. The three of us took the subway, walked, and cabbed to the other side of the city where we met Monica. Then the four of us waited for David. I call this Urban Hiking. An interactive exercise routine that includes: stair climbing, people dodging, tree root avoiding, topped with a full array of smells to unite all the senses.

Finally the five of us took off for San Miguel. Once on the road David planned a route to avoid a construction on the highway, leading us on a drive through the deep of Mexico. hahaha
At least it felt like that to me. Cactus everywhere, not just any type of cactus. But the iconic sort. Like at any moment I could see an eagle with a serpent in its mouth while perched on one, just like you see on the Mexican flag.
We also encountered rough flooded broken roads, cows, fields of fruits, packs of wild dogs, beautiful clouds and a fresh breeze that you just don’t get in the city.


At that point Jordi had been waiting at the venue in San Miguel (Santos Crudoteca) with all the equipment ready to go. When we finally arrived we were over 20 mins late but at that point, after 4+ hours of driving, that arrival time got irrelevant. Because in the end we made it! I didn’t even have time to change. So I was still wearing the same smelly and sweaty t-shirt from the whole day of Urban Hiking. But, as soon as I plugged in we just played everything away.
It was really nice to reunite with Jordi and play with him after a month or more of not playing together. And the amazing crowd made it that much better; my family was there, old friends, new friends and a big group of locals.
I’d just like to add here that no matter how tired or stressed I might feel, the very moment I get on stage and strum that first chord or pick a single note all that was a weight, crumbles down and I can breathe. I can be. Just music.

To be continued…

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