6 Years of Friendship (Jordi Marin)

Exactly 6 years ago I was in Mexico City. I had just spent 3 months traveling and my life was anything but stable. I had just gone through divorce, all my stuff was in storage and I had no place to call home.

I decided to have faith that my music would take me to the right place.

Needless to say I needed my family. So I went to Mexico, to regroup, to feel safe.

Obviously I had to work and perform so I booked a couple of shows, but I needed a band. I told my sister about my plans, I was looking for a drummer, she suggested a Catalan friend that lived with her boyfriend. I was open to it so I said yes, she talked to him and he was down to try too.

It was Halloween of 2012, there was a big celebration for a bday party (if I remember correctly). Lots of friends, my sister and a very very dark Javi, my life was just in a low. I knew I was gonna meet Jordi that night, haven’t seen or talked to him before, I didn’t even know how he looked!!

I was in the far corner of a long table, I looked up at the door and I saw this guy walking in with a girl on each side. Somehow I knew it was him, so I stood up, took off the mask I was wearing and asked – Are you Jordi? – He said, Javi??? and we hugged. Like we were old friends meeting again.

That night I knew he was my brother, he had my back since that day.

Later that week we got together to play for the first time. Jordi had studied all my music (which is not easy). He had pages and pages of drum parts. And so it all began. From then on we have been inseparable. We played a bunch in Mexico City and other states in Mexico with different formations and collaborations. But the 2 of us were the core of the band.






At some point we had to make some changes cause life as a musician in Mexico City is not very profitable. So we reduced to play as duo. Our first gig like that was opening for Diego el Cigala (if you don’t know who he is Google him he is the biggest voice in flamenco in the world). We were great!!! The audience loved us.






Then we spent 4 months in Cabo where we used as practice grounds for this new formation. We played so much and also party so much… Wild times. That’s when the Gypsy Journey began, a trilogy of EP’s that capture our experiences as traveling musicians. The minimalist Part I: Trip (2015) was created. The idea was to capture the way we play live as a duo, 4 songs, 2 instruments.

We then traveled to LA where we made a living busking and playing shows in the surrounding cities. Then finally we moved to Denver, a decision made so I could be with my daughter. We released the A Gypsy Journey Pt. II: El Refugio in the summer of 2017 with the help of local musicians and also friends in Mexico. This albums reflects collaborations to color our music.

Jordi has been my band partner, brother and best friend for the past 6 years and I’m so grateful to have him in my life. Thanks to him my music has evolved and keeps growing. Also having his unconditional support in all the ups and downs of life has been invaluable. Our relationship keeps transforming and we are there for each other during all of our transitions.

Currently we are working in our biggest project yet, finishing the Gypsy Journey Trilogy. Part III is the biggest challenge we are taking on ourselves. We are working hard to achieve our goals and to share who we are to all of you.

Here is to more years of friendship.

Thanks for reading



  1. Javi,

    What a beautiful tribute to your best friend and brother Jordi.
    Whenever I saw you together and worked with you both I knew you were meant to play together…so tight and seamless. I miss playing music with you both and wish you only the best as you continue to move forward with. I can say I knew you when

  2. Such a wonderful, touching story. I’m so glad you found each other and can’t wait to see you playing again soon.

  3. Javi,
    That is a very endearing story and so relatable. YOu two seem to fit together like peanut butter and jelly. Or in your world, beans and rice!
    I will be leaving Denver for a while as my brother needs me in San Diego. I am also regrouping and need my family. I will be back to Denver sometime but will not be able to see you play anytime soon.
    I need to purchase your CD’s so I can carry you with me. If you come back to southern California I will come to see you. Maybe your next trip through Cabo. If you want to get booked in San Diego let me know and I can see if I can help. Take care Amigo your one of many Groupies and sister Gypsy – Becky

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