El Javi Trio

I was going through my pictures and I found a 5 year old one. At first I had the usual thought of how quick time passes by but then I was just enchanted with memories of that time.

It was a time of self realization as an artist. I was discovering new ways to make songs and I wanted to use elements of the music that has influenced me.

I had 5 songs that I composed using the guitar, a drum machine and an electric bass. Spent hours in solitude experimenting, probably each song had dozens of versions. Then I pushed my comfort zone to finish this project.  In my search for a gig I stumble on an opening spot for Eric Gales (Awesome Blues Guitarist) at the Key Club in the Sunset Strip. Awesome venue!! I booked it not having a band and unfinished songs.

My next step was finding musicians to do this.

I called my friend Mike first, he played percussions for me before during the Gypsy Muse times. He couldnt do it but recommended Alastair Wilson, a local drummer. I called Alastair and explained to him the situation. We had like 5 weeks to finish 7 songs and play a gig. He was up for it.

It was great, we rehearsed a ton and with the help of having him to work with, the songs really matured.  We had the setlist ready but no bass player yet. I was ready to take on the gig as a duo but Alastair had other projects with local bands and he mentioned this bass player he knew from one of them, Mario Gonzalez.

Mario came to jam one night and was up for the challenge, I think we had 3 weeks before the gig at that point. He rehearsed with us and I sat with him a few nights to help writing the bass parts.

I believe this picture was taken a night before the big show. We stopped by at an Open Mic and brought all our equipment. It was the “practice” gig.


The next night at the Key Club was an incredible experience. We took the audience by surprise. A trio of flamenco progressive rock, out of the desert of California, where just a drip of water helps beautiful things to bloom.

I learned it just takes action in life if you want things to happen. And to enjoy the ride… it is definitely the best part.

This is a picture of the gig at the Key Club. Hollywood, CA.


Listen to Self-Portrait of El Javi Trio.


  1. Great post! Love hearing about your journey as an artist and realizing your dream as it unfolds. And this is only the beginning…

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