Sometimes life kicks you in the face to wake up, we didn’t know we were sleeping. Going through life in survival mode, making money, paying rent, eating out, watching tv, partying and the cycle starts all over again every single day. That was me for many years, I wasn’t living my truth or shining my light in a unique way. 

So I stopped, I needed a radical change. It was just the beginning of a long journey ahead. I went through divorce, long distance parenting and an empty canvas in front of me, my life. It’s a scary place to be. To know you actually have control of your life. At the time I didn’t have the maturity or strength to handle it and made so many mistakes, it’s like riding a wild horse. 

One day after having breakfast I sat in front of the computer and booked a flight from New York to Germany. My thought process is that I needed to prove myself I could do what I do wherever I go and that my music was good for people to like it.

I didn’t have any gigs booked or a plan. I gave up on everything at home in LA.  I called the venues I played at and told them it was gonna be my last month, I also told my students that I couldn’t teach them anymore cause I didn’t know when or if I was coming back. Got rid of a bunch of stuff and the rest I put it in storage. And so it began. A Gypsy Journey!! A trilogy of EP’s that reflects the past 6/7 years of my life. 

My way of liberating from my own limitations and fears. My way to have the courage to share with the world who I am. 

Each song carries memories, stories and all the emotions that I went through. I will be sharing with you the story behind each of the songs, hopefully it will bring a new perspective when you hear them and you can step into my world. Stay tuned!!


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