Quarantine FB Live Concerts – Every Monday 6pm

Dear Friends,

Wow!! It’s been an interesting last couple of weeks. I was performing in Mexico at a guitar Festival a few days ago, enjoying the beautiful weather, meeting new people, performing in front of awesome loving audiences, hugging everyone and jamming… All this while back home all my gigs started to get cancelled, postponed, people distancing themselves, businesses closing and with that all my income gone!!

Yet, this is the reality of being an artist. This isn’t new to us, in fact my life is almost a constant quarantine. Us artist are constantly figuring out a way to produce, create and also make a living, our world is in constant danger of collapsing. Weather changes cancels shows, lack of community support cancels shows, a promoter double booking, the super bowl playing on the same night, the list goes on and on.

However we are in touch with something that is more valuable that now everyone else is finally experiencing… Yourself!!

Who are you? What do you love? What would you do if you didn’t have all the responsibilities imposed by the system?

I feel so fortunate to have music, the guitar and the ability to share it with you all. To be a reminder of the nature we all carry, to be creative, to share and to love. I see the power of art in the midst of this pandemic. It is a refuge in the face of fear, it is a blanket during cold times, it is a link to the divine spirit we all have.

Now as things are upside down, myself and other musicians are still figuring out ways to share our music and also find ways to support ourselves and technology it’s been a game changer for this process. Every Monday at 6pm (MT) I will be performing live on FB .  Last week I had the first “quarantine concert” and it was very special to see so many people interacting with me in real time and knowing I was providing some peace and comfort for a lot of you who need it. Thank you for allowing me to be that.

All these shows are free however if you wish to “tip” you can use Venmo (@eljavimusic) or Paypal (guitarjavier@gmail.com)

Please if you know of people that need some music during this time share this or the live event as it’s happening.

With love





  1. Great picture you’ve painted with this post, and a powerful message within it. I hope to catch the next Monday evening show. Things are swell here in Salida friend. Take care and thank you!

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