Coors Light and El Javi

Dear Friends,

Wanted to share with you this amazing opportunity that came unexpected. Coors Light has a promotional campaign where they promote artists from different states to share their story and their work. I was picked to represent Denver and it has been a great experience.

I got to share a little bit of my story and promote the song Summerland.

Thanks to this exposure we have reached new audiences and has been really touching to read the comments about the video.

So… Here it is, in case you haven’t seen it.


  1. This is great, Javi. Every time we see a video with you and Jordi, we are reminded of the great time we had when you were up here in Summerland a couple of years ago, with Dave and Jill. It sure would be wondefrul to see you guys, again. Todo lo mejor y hasta luego.
    Denise and Gord, Summerland.

  2. WOW Thanks for sharing!!!
    You are such a talent!
    Keep up the Great work Javi !!!!!!!!
    Your friends Nancy and Jack

  3. Inspiring story and a great video. Congratulations guys, your live shows and albums totally flamenco-rock!
    Catch you next week in Denver!

  4. Javi, you and Jordi are incredibly talented! Congratulations on being showcased by Coors Light! Seeing you guys perform live definitely sparks an emotional response from the audience! Looking forward to attending more live performances!

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