Are you listening…? Whispers from Eternity

Dear Friends

Over the past 3 months of my life I’ve seen some incredible changes, on the individual level, but also my community and the world. At times it has been overwhelming and almost hard to handle. 

In this time frame I have been performing live streams to compensate for the fact that we can’t gather in public places. During this time I have welcomed you all into my home (since I performed in my living room) I’ve shared my music, stories, shared the stage with my daughter Olivia and I feel like, together, we have created a family; El Javi’s family. 

The amount of love, support and communication is so humbling and beautiful. I feel such gratitude and so lucky to be able to do what I do and to connect with each one of you through my music and stories. 

I have been working so hard to create a “new normal” for myself, completely separated from what the new normal might be out there. I took this opportunity to take care of me, to honor myself and to harvest self love. I feel that in the past I was in “survival” mode, doing what I had to do to make money, pay my bills and live day by day. By doing this I compromised myself, my value and the importance of what I offer to the world. I spent so many nights playing the wrong venues, for audiences that didn’t care if we were on stage or even listening. I have decided to give up on doing that. It took me 15 years of my career to value myself and it has been thanks to all of you that I have come to understand this. So, Thank YOU!!! 

The one gift I can offer you, in return, is my music and that’s why next Friday June 19th I want to share a new single for you to enjoy before it is released to the world.

Due to Covid releasing new music on streaming platforms it’s taking longer than usual and I don’t want to wait to share it with you all. So, that’s why I have decided to release Whispers from Eternity on the 19th. This song means a lot to me, it has all my joys, sorrows and everything in between. It’s a song that carries divine energy and I feel that we need this. Until the song is available on Spotify and all the gatekeepers on July 31, I will share it on my website, bandcamp and soundcloud. 

I also want to celebrate this moment in time by creating a new experience for my livestream audiences. On Saturday,  June 20th 1pm (Mountain Time) we will be performing in collaboration with the Armory Denver, a multicamera, lights and projections experience. My friends Kirsten Mathisen (Violin), Malu (Flamenco Dancer) and Sonia Burns (Belly dance and Flamenco) will share the stage with us.

If you join you will be able to see the music video for Whispers from Eternity before it goes live to the world. We will also have a “meet and greet” zoom gathering after the show. 

To purchase tickets click here

This show is a ticketed event and streamed via Vimeo. I wish we could do a free event but as we bring more people to produce this show I want to make sure we can pay each one of the artists and crew involved in its production (musicians, dancers, lights, cameras, audio engineer, venue, etc.). If you are unable to watch it live you can still view it at another time when you purchase the ticket. 

This new song and performance will be the first of many productions under my new record label Wolf Howl Records, this project is another one of my new endeavors. As we artists feel like “lone wolves” in this world I decided to create a platform to build a community for supporting the arts, join forces and bringing new creations for you to enjoy. 

Wolf Howl is the call to my pack, I had enough of doing things alone.  

Thank you for reading and letting me share. With love and gratitude 



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